Here is a short list of just a few of the settlements and judgements we have received for our clients after filing a wrongful death case:

$13,813,057 :: Dugan v. LIGA International

A plastic surgeon died en route to Mexico to render humanitarian medical services.
Article [PDF]

$5,000,000 :: Zitz-Evancich v. City of Los Angeles

Plaintiff was injured and wife killed when they were rear-ended by City maintenance truck.
Article [PDF]

$4,345,000 :: Salas Family

Decedent was killed after falling 13 feet when defective wooden beam broke.

$4,000,000 :: Schultz vs. San Diego County

A young Marine Corporal was killed when driving on an unsafe San Diego County Road.
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$2,500,000 :: MaGee v. Challenge – Cook Brothers, Inc.

Decedent was killed in an construction accident witnessed by his father.
Article [PDF]

$2,000,000 :: Lee v. Sheehan, Carmichael

Decedent’s car was struck by a horse, which may have been frightened by a tiger.
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$1,800,000 :: Confidential

A 7-year-old boy was killed by air bag in an auto accident.

$1,600,000 :: Wilson v. C. H. Heist

A truck crossed over center line on mountain road, killing two people.
Article [PDF]

$1,400,000 :: Exposito v. State of Calif.

A concrete slab fell off parking structure during earthquake and killed a college student.
Article [PDF]

$1,300,000 :: Liang v. UPS

Decedent was struck and killed by UPS truck
Article [PDF]

$1,200,000 :: Payne v. USPCI

A mother was injured and her 13-year-old child killed when they were rear-ended in an auto accident.
Article [PDF]

$1,185,000 :: Garcia v. County of Riverside

The plaintiff, a mother of two, was driving when her vehicle struck pothole and lost control, killing her 5-year-old son and causing brain damage in her 2-year-old.
Article [PDF]

$1,000,000 :: Perez v. Mateut

A 73-year-old truck driver was burned to death after another trucker collided with him at an intersection.
[Article PDF]

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